Functional perfection meets aesthetic excellence.

Bring the appealing style of a professional faucet into yourhome and discover a new world of power and performance.The K7 collection has been designed with the passionatecook in mind, and created with the help of professionalchefs, offering you complete flexibility with a stunningcentrepiece faucet. With a number of products in the rangewe know you’ll love their combination of aestheticexcellence with unrivalled functionality.

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U kuhinji dosta toga zavisi od veštine i tajminga. Profesionalni kuvari znaju to bolje od bilo koga. Upravo zato je K7 razvijen uz savete profesionalaca i opremljen prema potrebama kućnih kuvara. K7 odgovara na pitanje da li je fokus dizajna funkcionalnost ili estetika empatičnim “Oba!” K7 je toliko funkcionalan da ćete moći da posvetite punu pažnju onome što radite. Profesionalni tuš može biti izvučen, obrnut i okrenut za 360° i njime se može rukovati jednom rukom. Štaviše, možete da uključujete i isključujete naizmenično raspršivač i mlaznicu, a da ne morate da isključite vodu.

K7 Semi-Pro Medium

GROHE K7 Semi-Pro Medium

With the GROHE K7, we are redefining the focal point of your kitchen. With the GROHE K7 Semi-Pro Medium, you get the minimalist, high-end design idiom of the K7 Semi-Pro faucet but now in a more compact size.

The GROHE K7 Semi-Pro Medium combines perfect beauty with function. The professional spray can be pulled out, turned and swivelled 360° and operated with one hand. Furthermore, the high arch and 140° swivel arm allows clearance for full-sink coverage when cleaning and filling tall pots. Easily switch back and forth between the spray and normal water flow without having to turn off the water.

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