Relexa Rustic

Relexa Rustic

Ručni tuš autentičnog stila.

Relexa Rustic je spontani spoj tradicionalnog stila i najnovijeg inženjeringa kompanije GROHE. Savršen za autentični dizajn kupatila, njegov blago izvijeni izgled je unapređen završnom obradom od hroma GROHE StarLight®. Autentična ručka tuša osnažena je tehnologijom GROHE DreamSpray® i osigurava ravnomernu distribuciju vode preko svih mlaznica, a dopunjena je i odgovarajućim glavnim tušem za jedinstveni ugođaj tuširanja.

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Bathroom Brochure

Bathroom Brochure

Luxury fittings & showers for exceptional bathrooms.


Spray Patterns

Normal Spray

Normal Spray: A great all-encompassing spray pattern with a refreshing and relaxing effect. Its universal appeal makes it a great all-rounder.

Rain Spray

Rain Spray: Wide and luxurious – a soft, delicate pattern to soothe the skin. Mimicking warm summer rain, the spray provides a full and even coverage.

Jet Spray

Jet Spray: A focussed circular spray, which delivers a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for stimulating the skin or simply cleaning the bathtub or shower.

Massage Spray

Massage Spray: A pulsating spray pattern for a stimulating massage.

Champagne Spray

Champagne Spray: Enriched with air for bigger, softer water droplets. More air means that less water is required when using this fulfilling and gentle spray pattern.

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